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Other, developing projects: is not just another social media platform… it is a political media platform. It was created and designed specifically to maximize the reach of the political message from any political representative or candidate. It removed the mainstream media skew to left or right and the fog of social media and all of its comments.

Any Representative or Candidate can register for free and post text, photos and videos on their timeline. Anyone can go see their timeline and if you register (free) then you can offer feedback through thumb up/down and even go inside the TownHall for each Representative/Candidate and post feedback.

“FREEDOM Tour” and “The Puppet Show” will be a 9 month campaign bus Tour of all 50 States and meet with all 50 Governors and hold rallies in 76 cities across the United States… then we will add a weekly, unscripted ‘reality’ show that will follow the Campaign Staff on the bus and backstage as we travel aand meet Governors and hold rallies.

We will be joind at the rallies by Hollywood Celebrities and Sports Celebrities from all across America to raise awareness of the importance of VOTING and FREEDOM of Speech!